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All the Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers listed in this directory are professionals trained and certified by Image Consulting Business Institute, one of the biggest brands in this field in the world. They have all gone through a world class curriculum with international certification and are well equipped to guide clients on managing their image and acquire soft skills.

Search for a consultant/trainer for a specific service and city. Leave a query using the form in their profile. They will revert to you to understand your requirements and will take the discussion further. In the unlikely event that the consultant/trainer does not revert soon, you can always write to info@imageconsultinginstitute.com with your requirements in brief and our team will allocate a suitable consultant/trainer for your assignment.

Image Consultants offer one on one and group training services in the area of appearance management to create powerful first impressions to get more opportunities in life. They guide the clients to project an image that is appropriate to their roles and goals, authentic to reflect the real self, attractive to look at and affordable to maintain lifelong. Image Consultants are also stylists, grooming and etiquette experts.

Soft Skills Trainers offer training services to individuals, companies and institution for them or their employees/students to acquire the essential soft skills which are the most crucial elements for success in personal, professional and social lives. These soft skills include leadership skills, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, time and stress management skills, public speaking and presentation skills, motivation and team management skills etc.
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