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I am Diya Khurana, founder of Diya Khurana Image Consulting, who was certified by ICBI in 2011. I began my career as an Image Consultant in 2011 itself, even before I got certified by ICBI. I started on a small scale doing workshops with teenagers and homemakers. One thing led to another and in a span of 5 years I had worked with children as young as 6yrs to corporate heads and CEO's well in their 50's. 'Kidiquette', a workshop on dining etiquette for children is my baby and through it I have trained more than 2000 kids in more than 5 cities like Lucknow, Indore, Surat to name a few. I have trained professionals across the country for top multinationals, educational institutes and corporate clients. I am associated with 2 schools in Vadodara for coaching their students in dressing and etiquette for major inter-school events. Prior to being an image consultant, I worked in the hospitality industry for 5 years. A NABET certified trainer, I work with my clients to maximize and strengthen their visual impact and identity and facilitate the development of their soft skills. Some of the clients for which I have developed & delivered customized leadership interventions and training programs in professional dressing, body language, etiquette etc. include Schott Glass, Netafim Irrigation India Pvt. Ltd., Apollo Tyres Ltd., INOXCVA, MyAdvisor Finserv, Rubexco Pvt. Ltd., Elmex Controls Pvt Ltd.,. I am currently also faculty at the Institute for Chartered Accountants, the Institute for Cost Accountants, ITM Universe, and Image Consulting Business Institute etc.


  • MBA - Hospital Management
  • IMS (DAVV), Indore - From Jul-1995 to May-2000


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