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Shreya Patharkar is an internationally certified Image Consultant and stylist from Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA and also from Image Consulting Business Institute, India. She has done her Bachelors of Commerce from Australia. Adding another facet to her academic profile is her Diploma in Business Management from Management Development Institute, Singapore. Staying independently during her university days has allowed her to be a risk taker and explore her passion at a very young age. Penchant for travelling and fashion along with relevant academic achievement is a strong combination for a young dynamic image consultant like Shreya . Her passion to help people achieve their dreams and look their best enabled her to establish Forever Image Consultancy in the year 2014, when she was only 21 years of age and now the youngest Image Consultant in the UAE. Her diverse exposure to the image and fashion world due to her travelling around the globe, has given her the global vision to see the larger picture as she enables individuals to grow to the size of their dreams.


  • BACHELORS OF COMMERCE (Commercial Law)
  • Diploma in Business Management - Business
  • MDIS (SINGAPORE) - From -2011 to -2012
  • International Baccaluareate Diploma
  • Symbiosis International School - From -2009 to -2011

Work Experience

  • Forever Image Consultancy
  • From Jul-2014 to current - DIFC , DUBAI
  • You cannot not communicate? as said by Judith Rasband , the master of Image consulting. Everyday, every minute of your life you are communicating verbally and non-verbally through your overall appearance. Your clothing, body language and etiquette are the elements of the non-verbal communication, which tells a lot about you to others, even before you speak. This is where people form an image about you in their eyes and minds. They form an impression about you. At Forever Image Consultancy we make you the masters of this non-verbal communication and help you to re-invent yourself by combining the elements of Image consulting and personal styling. We understand the value of fundamental strength of a persons true identity and image, and our core competence lies in our innovative modes of tapping, and honing it. Established in 2014, our approach to Image consulting is several leagues ahead of personality development through mere motivation. We are well aware that an individual is more than a representative of the latest fashion trend. Forever Image Consulting is a radically new approach to being the best you can be!We are about helping you wear your persona with √©lan.

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