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Surabhi Mehta is a certified Image Consultant who works with people to help them portray an appropriate, authentic, attractive and affordable image at all times. An avid traveller, learner and entrepreneur, Surabhi is a charismatic and sensitive mentor who brings to the table her unique skills in personal skills management. Surabhi's foray into Image Consulting has been a natural progression from her role as an international flight hostess with Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa for over a decade. Trained under First Impressions and Ms Judith Rasband, considered among the foremost image consultants in the world, Surabhi portrays the charm and confidence that Magnolia Image Consulting delivers. A guest lecturer on business etiquette with several management institutes including the Ahmedabad Management Association , the Dhirubhai Ambani Institute, CII , YMCA & company secretaries council ' Ahmedabad chapter. Surabhi has also worked with children as a speech and drama instructor. Amid running her flourishing consultancy, Surabhi enjoys spending time with her two children and staying on top of style trends. She's also pursuing a degree in child development while serving as a brand advisor for top fashion labels looking to foray into the Ahmedabad market. 'Having travelled extensively, I have comprehensive knowledge of varied customs across the world. Travelling teaches tolerance and has humbled me many times over. Living and travelling all over the world has given me an insight into different fashion sensibilities and today I cannot imagine my life without fashion and style. I love to meet new people and work with them, and I am grateful to be in a career which is also my passion,' Surabhi says. Surabhi is the president of the Image management professionals Association -Ahmedabad Chapter Believing in women's entrepreneurship she is a committee member at the FICCI FLO ' Ahmedabad Chapter


  • BA - Economics
  • Delhi University - From -0 to -0

Work Experience

  • Flight Attendant
  • Cathay Pacific
  • From Feb-1993 to -1997 - Hong Kong
  • Flight Attendant
  • Lufthansa
  • From -1998 to -2001 - New Delhi

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