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As an Image Consultant, the best experience is where you are able to make someone else feel better about themselves and as a result they go on to achieve something that they always believed to be difficult. I have worked with many large and small corporations, individuals from all walks of life and all ages, over many years now and they all want to look good and feel better about themselves and ensure people always have a great impression about them. Having travelled all over the world, Iv had the opportunity to understand and experience different cultures, styles and personal habits of people, which gives me great insights on how I need to evolve my work. My personal style being classic and elegant, I try and incorporate that essence in all my work. Iv been fortunate enough to featured in leading magazines such as Femina, You & I, Bridal, Vivaah and many online publications and blog sites as well. Its all about the importance of creating a great first impression, whether its for a job, a prospective life partner, a social gathering or for any other aspect of life.


  • Bachelor of Arts - History and Politics
  • Lady Sriram College - From -1996 to -1999
  • Certification - Image Consulting
  • Image Consulting Business Institute - From -0 to -0
  • Image consulting, soft skills training

Work Experience

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Sony India Pvt Ltd
  • From -2005 to -2012
  • Director
  • The Image Ambassadors
  • From -2012 to current - New Delhi

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