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From the tag line of - "Kya Fark Padta hai'" to "Be the change you want to see" Pallavi Kashyap Gupta has evolved each day to become a better human being. Today she is an impressive performer spiced with perfect blend of skill and style. Pallavi is a Certified Image Consultant and a Certified Soft Skill Trainer from Image Consulting Business Institute. The course structured by Judith Rasband and introduced in India by Mr. Rakesh Agarwal and Ms. Suman Agarwal. She is also a Certified Pranic healing practitioner. Born and brought up in a middle class joint family, the value of honesty and hard work instilled from childhood. Her father did not allow her to carry family surname as it indicated caste ' Let not others judge you by merely looking at your name; Let them judge by your behavior, your actions; he said. Pallavi understood the importance of her persona her image very early in life. She completed her Engineering in 2008, with the title of Outstanding Student of the year, from Pune University. She has worked with MNC's for around 5 years as SAP Consultant and in very short span of time won awards/accolades for being Proactive, Creative and a Leader; and responsibilities which involved training, interviewing and recruiting for companies she worked for. After being married to entirely business oriented family, she learned the nitty gritty of running a firm through her family business. She made a mark by expanding her family business and being known in society for her positive attitude, confidence and balance. It took her a while to understand why people looked up to her to help change their life and where she belongs to. As she knew she has the ability to bridge the gap between being a silhouette to walking in light to achieve your dreams. Pallavi's quest and experiences guided her towards a singular flagpole that had Image Consulting written over it and therefore she prepared the road ahead under the guidance of motivating trainers at ICBI. And today, she stands, with her professional expertise added to her pool of cultural, spiritual and personal experiences. Pallavi has been working with people of all age group and has helped them instill image they want to portray through various clothing, grooming, etiquette and soft skill workshops. With the experience of having worked in multiple firms, she knows what a recruiter is looking for and hence she guides candidates towards their goal. She believes in and aims to work with people to raise them to their uniqueness. She is also an avid reader and above all a person passionate about working with people. Pallavi Kashyap Gupta works for inside out development and image management of groups and individuals; making them Learn Lead and Leverage. She wants to bring a visible change in the society through her expertise to just lightly tug at people shoulders so that they can be guided to the path lush with greenery. "Life has no Replay however it always has new beginnings " as used by Pallavi as her tag line. So begin with Pallavi Kashyap Gupta today .


  • Bachelor of Engineering - Information Technology
  • Pune University - From Jun-2004 to Jun-2008
  • Graduate in Information Technology with 5 years of Experience in SAP software and handling overseas projects of SAP domain
  • Certified Image Consultant - Image Management
  • ICBI - From May-2015 to -0
  • Body Shape, Face Shape, Color Analysis, Body Language Training, General Etiquette and Dining etiquette Training, MakeUp and Makeover Training, Wardrobe Managemnet and Personal shopping.
  • Certified Train The Trainer - soft skills
  • ICBI - From May-2015 to -0
  • transaction analysis, public speaking, presentation skills, leadership skills, time management etc.

Work Experience

  • SAP Consultant - IT
  • mahindra Satyam
  • From Apr-2010 to Dec-2010 - bangalore
  • worked as SAP developer for NISSAN UK project
  • SAP Consultant - IT and soft skill Training
  • dainik Bhaskar
  • From Mar-2011 to Sep-2012 - jaipur
  • worked as in house SAP Consultant and trainer
  • SAP Consultant - IT
  • cybertech
  • From Sep-2012 to Sep-2013 - mumbai
  • worked for various off-shore projects as consultant, involved in technical recruitments and trainings.
  • Image Consultant - Training and Consulting
  • ICBI
  • From May-2014 to current - jaipur
  • involved in image management and soft skills training of budding image consultants and soft skills trainer with ICBI, at various schools and colleges, international clubs, one-on-one consulting, corporate trainings.


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