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In a society where opportunities go searching for the right candidate, I ascertain myself as a result driven professional empowered with 14 years of versatile experience profoundly impacting performance through the training programs for the enhancement of individual's goals. I have spent a large share of my ventures in synthesizing management disciplines to meet client's requirements and align goals with corporate values and visions. I help people to achieve their individual goals and motivate them towards excellence. I am a certified Image Consultant trained under the strong mentoring of Judith Rasband, a master IC, trainer certified by National Accredition Board for Education & Training - QCI and SQA(Recognized by Scottish Govt.) with expertise in soft skills & behavioural trainings. I have trained varied groups from diverse industries from top level to middle management to front end executives. I can assess Training requirements and customize the training accordingly, execute it and follow up and review with the client. Having specialized in appearance, grooming, behaviour and communication skills, I help people by enhancing their physical appearances to emanate confidence and professionalism by preparing them for greater success in life. Being a passionate educationist, I love to contribute positively to the lives of those I connect with. I The objective of the trainings that I conduct is to develop personal skills and confidence to exude positive first impression and improve their personal professional and social relationships in varied situations. My vision is to help create aware individuals who can lead in good times and in bad. I always aim to dig out my client's talent, round off their skills, boost their personality & communication and soft skills and focus on the psychological traps of decision-making. For further information, you can get in touch with me on +91-9823416165 or send emails to priya@perceptionsunlimited.co.in. Thank you.


  • M.com - Commerce
  • University of Allahabad - From Jun-1996 to Apr-1998

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