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Passion is what drives me. Life must have a goal and mine is to achieve to create more value. It can be your plan to rest, to have a vacation, to achieve a degree or be successful at work etc. The driving force of our life is our desire to achieve something or do something. My primary role has been in Human Resources (HR) across multiple organizations for over 8 years. During this time I have explored and contributed to different facets of HR from Recruiting; Comp & Ben and HR Business Partner. I have gained significant depth in the HRBP function where I have used my Analytical Skills; Problem Solving Skills and my ability to build relations for Conflict Management & Resolution: Tracking and resolving employee queries and grievances by bringing together all the parties and working out a possible course of action as per company polices Managing Welfare Measures: Employee Get-Together, Team-Building Activities, etc. to enhance motivation levels and productivity. Actively involved in the Diversity and Inclusivity initiatives / drives e.g. NASSCOM Gender Inclusively initiatives. Worked on the soft skills, behaviour, coaching, grievance redresses and counselling for more than 1500 ' 2500 employees. I hold a professional degree in Business Management with specialization in HR and Marketing. I am also a certified as a Image Consultant Counselor Professional Makeup Artist. HR taught me a lot about professional life and especially on connecting with people and making strong professional relationships. My journey in various organizations like Progressive Infotech, KM Solutions, Oracle etc. gave me exposure not only in HR, but also in building teams, organizational development, implementing employee friendly environment and policies. As a Counselor, Image Consultant and Make up Artist, I am working on different aspects of people's life. Its about their Behavior, Body Language, Appropriate Clothes for the right occasion, the Physical Appearance and finally Grooming. It is working on people 'Inside'Out'. In today's Visual world, Image plays a very important role. Human mind forms a perception within 5-7 seconds of a meeting / interaction. At this point, if you have been not been able to project a powerful and impactful image, it will be a struggle forming great First Impression. I started the journey of Make over's, since mid 2015 and have been able to bring a change in people's life coming from different backgrounds. My Clients include Teachers, Business Women, House wives, Students, Corporate Individuals. Image Make overs 'Inside'Out', helps you get an understanding of its impact and also of how one can achieve it. My Journey Most women go through the change in their lifestyle due to changing family circumstances. I too am no exception. During the sabbatical in my career, I also got the opportunity to move out of country and live in Toronto for few years. This was another great journey of my life, where I realized that there is more to motherhood than I imagined. It was being a woman who is a super woman and is sort after by her kids, family, friends and then her own aspirations and ambitions. My desire to balance my life with family and my own independence was very high and that began my journey or quest to know what more can I learn to make my life even better. Since my kids were small, I decided to study further, as that required only part of my time. HR experience came very handy as the choices I had to make became easier with the clarity I had about different work and roles. I was fortunate to get exposure in counseling as employee relations, and realized that I am best suited for the work. Along with counseling came Image consulting. Image was especially very interesting and intrigued me since it is and up coming field and the scope of Image Consulting is so vast, that I cannot imagine where it ends. This is to every human being who feels that they are sorted, once they get that first job, or if people have children. I feel we should stop only when we really want to stop. There is no end to learning or growing till the end. Age or the current status in your life has nothing to do with it. All it requires is that sense of realization and an attitude that 'I will not give up'. In today's world First Impressions and Power of your Presence have become so important. Counseling and Image consulting together, helps a person to confront the daily challenges of life which they face knowingly or unknowingly based on the perceptions, image, judgment people have formed about them. This was an answer to me and I applied myself where my passion lies. Today I can proudly say, that I am a mother and a professional, who has carved her own path. I have made a choice of not being part of the rat race but follow my own passion. Passion where I can work what I love and also balance my family life.


  • MBA - HR / Marketing
  • MIMT - From Jan-2002 to Mar-2004
  • Certified Counselor - Human Behavior / Personal Inner and Outer Conflict
  • Banjara Academy - From May-2015 to Jan-2016
  • How to Provide support and Helping hand to People and Individuals in Stress, Depression. How to effectively manage Behavior
  • Professional Diploma in Counselling - Counselling on Life Skills for People
  • From May-2015 to Jan-2016
  • Counselling support for people and individuals, who are unable to cope with various hardship of life.
  • Certified Image Consultant - Image Consulting
  • ICBI - From Apr-2015 to Jul-2016
  • Working on the inner to outer personality of the person. It is based on the role and image they want to project. Clothing, Grooming, Etiquette and Body Language.

Work Experience

  • HR Executive - HR
  • Progressive Infotech
  • From Jan-2004 to Dec-2004 - Noida
  • Business Partner HR/ Recruitment/ Compliance
  • Sr. HR Executive - HR
  • BizzSource
  • From Mar-2005 to Sep-2005 - Delhi
  • Recruitment across all levels , Induction, Orientation and Counselling
  • Manager HR - HR
  • From Nov-2005 to Apr-2007 - Noida
  • Induction/Orientation, Counselling, Recruitment, Compliance , Business HR, Appraisals, Performance Management
  • Assistant Manager- HR - HR
  • Oracle Financial Services
  • From May-2007 to Jun-2008 - Gurgoan
  • Business HR, Appraisals, Competency Mapping, Training
  • Freelance - HR
  • Metamorphosis Films
  • From Aug-2008 to Jan-2009 - Bangalore-Delhi
  • Setting up the core HR requirement. Appraisal, Recruitment, Hierarchy, Organizational Policies, Basic need Training Modules.
  • Assistant Manager - Generalist HR
  • First American India
  • From Apr-2009 to Jun-2012 - Bangalore
  • Compliance, Induction, On boarding, Counselling, Employee Orientation, Appraisal, Bell curve, Employee Policy, Employee Welfare, Employee Development etc.

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