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I am an exuberant, passionate, diligent and self-motivated person who strongly believes that, The secret to get things done is to Act. I adopt practical methods of training like role plays and activities that add a lot of enthusiasm and interest and create a learning environment which is conducive for implementation of strategies as well as inventive methods, to raise the bar and help the trainees to perform their best. It is now or never attitude that gets things into action. Hence effective time management, leadership qualities and positive communication are implemented in every module, be it Image Management or Soft skills. Excellence and quality are the distinguished attributes in the trainings and the trainees are motivated towards being outstanding achievers. The one on ones, add a lot of potential and confidence in individuals, leading them towards their goals successfully. I have been actively involved in my family business from last 15 years. My passion to set up my own business has inspired me to pursue my ambition and be an entrepreneur in the field of training, coaching, mentoring, consulting, grooming and motivating aspiring professionals to create a niche in their respective fields. I am also into designing garments and a fashion and personal stylist. I conduct trainings in finishing schools, schools, colleges and corporates. I am also associated with voluntary organisations and conduct workshops in government schools. Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos has rightly said, Knowledge without application is simply knowledge. Applying the knowledge to one's life is wisdom-- and that is the ultimate virtue


  • Professional Soft skills Training - Soft Skills
  • Scottish Qualifications Authority - From Oct-2014 to Mar-2015
  • Soft skills relate to an appreciation of the vital role of information in contemporary society. The Professional Diploma in soft skills training provides the trainer to possess information and people skills. Experiential learning in appropriate learning envoirnment, work on practical skills that relate to the world of work provides real benefits to the trainer. The trainer can implement it for individuals, groups, corporates and society.
  • Masters in Business Entrepreneurship - Business Entrepreneurship and Organisation
  • St' Mira's College - From Jun-1989 to May-1994
  • Entrepreneurship is a dynamic process of creating and innovating goods or services of value and provide them to the civilisation. It also enchances the growth of social welfare.
  • NABET Accredited Train the Trainer Programme - Facilitation and Intensive Training Programme
  • NABET - From Apr-2015 to Apr-2015
  • NABET is an internationally accepted benchmark for training organisations to assess and evaluate the skills of aspiring trainers.This enables the trainer to improve productivity, enchance skills and confidence in their clients.
  • Image Management and Consultation Programme (Accredited by Conselle, USA) - Image Management and Consultancy
  • Conselle Institute of Image Management &ICBI - From May-2015 to Dec-2015
  • Conselle Institute of Image Management, trains the consultants with expert solutions for all image needs. The facilitators and consultants provide the clients, princple based concepts, stategies and skills required in the scientific and technical application of Image Management methods
  • Professional Make Up Artist - Professional Make-Up, Consultancy and Training
  • Kennedy's International Institute for make-up and hair styling & Anoos International Beauty School - From Aug-2014 to Oct-2014
  • The professional course provides an in depth knowledge of the types of skin, care, face anatomy, different types of makeup for different faceshapes, indepth color analysis for the client. An Image Consultant needs to coach , mentor, guide and train the client about their skin, face, face shape and use make up techniques to look attractive as per their roles and goals.
  • Professional Hair Styling - Certified Professional Hair Styling
  • Habibs Academy - From Dec-2013 to Jan-2014
  • As, an Image consultant needs to help the client create, an image in congruence to their respective roles and goals, grooming is the essential element towards achieving success. Hence, hair styling and hair care plays an important role in creating the impression in their professional and personal goals. Hair styles as per face shape enables one to create an effective impression and look attractive as well.

Work Experience

  • Facilitator and Image Consultant. - www.imageconsultinginstitute.com
  • Image Consultancy Business Institute
  • From Mar-2015 to current - Hyderabad
  • I am a visiting faculty at the ICBI and conduct sessions on Image management. ICBI is a brand by itself catering to a vast segment of industries, schools, colleges and professionals for training.
  • www.visioimage.com
  • Visioimage, the secret to get things done, is
  • From Jan-2016 to current - Hyderabad
  • Visioimage is about materializing your imagination ? it can be you, or a product or a company itself. We bring together the science of Image Management, blend it with the soft skills required and design a personality that?s purely YOU

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