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Born & brought up in Chandigarh, started my professional life as a banker, graduated to FMCG distribution and finally ended up being a Soft skills trainer, an Image Consultant and a Life Coach. Variety is the spice of life. My first job as a banker provided me with opportunity to interact with people from varied backgrounds.On one hand I interacted with top most medical Doctors who had great education, international exposure and were highly respected. On the other hand I had the opportunity to interact with people from small villages of Himachal Pradesh who lacked education & money. Despite these differences, some things were common, like the wish to look good & overcome the challenges thrown by life. The levels of wishes were understandably different. When I process all this information, I realize that everyone irrespective of their status, needs the services of an Image Consultant, Soft Skills Trainer & Life Coach. I truly believe that learning like change is constant. The moment one decides I know all ,is the moment one has decided to rot intellectually. Therefore keep evolving.


  • MBA - Finance
  • UBS PU Chandigarh - From Jul-1995 to May-1998

Work Experience

  • Real Persona
  • From Jul-2017 to current - Chandigarh
  • Image Consultant, Soft Skills Trainer, Life Coach
  • Manager
  • SBI
  • From Mar-1989 to Jun-2005


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