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I've learned that people will forget what you said,people will forget what you did.But people will never forget how you made them feel! Taking this thought as an inspiration, I would like leave people with an experience in my workshops, individual or group consulting. Past Experience: I am an Engineering professional With over 9 years of experience in IT in the areas of facilitating project managers ,innovate and evolve processes ,customer service and process compliance in the teams of Card services through team performance management a Analytics Services. My experience has been largely with people management and people engagement.I want to bring my rich learning experience of the industry giants like the GE Capital Services and HP e Global Solutions. During my work I had an opportunity to work with a variety of process and systems, which makes me quite adaptive of systems and processes and people. Currently a certified soft skill trainer and an Image Consultant looking to gain exposure and credibility in the training industry and to strengthen and improve better work circles through individual and group training. Talented at working cross-functionally and with diverse teams. Looking for opportunities and position that uses my people skills or assignments in people performance and results through my best 3 strengths people skills,team building, problem solving through Soft skills and Image Management. I can help them identify their needs and give them an insightful thought about their current lifestyle and personal style and what the consequences of not being aware of these factors in the society and how it implies and impacts our life in day today life through our personal, professional ,family and social connects. Hence todays times, its very important to be aware of these factors as it is highly competitive and get yourself acquainted with the various skills that focus on work skills,etiquette, body language, soft skills , appearance management to name a few.


  • BSc Engg - Electronics and Computers
  • Andhra University - From Mar-1996 to Mar-2000

Work Experience

  • Compliancer Officer - IT Services
  • GE Capital International Services
  • From Jun-2000 to Jul-2002 - Hyderabad
  • Position & responsibilities: Compliance Officer& Quality Analyst Executing continuous update programs through presentations and meetings Entrusted to be a part of the company?s compliance team in handling legal issues such as customer complaints. Interacted with a wide variety of professionals while on conference calls with lawyers for card services. First Point of contact for Compliance related issues for Card Services Division ? Hyderabad. Given the responsibility to drive compliance for a particular business in GECIS with a head count of 450, which includes managers and customer service representatives. Support my Management by monitoring Compliance levels, assist Management with Compliance self-assessment programs, reviewing departmental Compliance procedures and process and contribute to planning and implementation programs. Be instrumental in improving the current Infrastructure and set up Compliance Infrastructure for New Processes. Ensure that Compliance also forms part of the induction process for the new recruits and creating compliance awareness amongst all new recruits. Updating Legal-compliance and uploading process concerns with mangers and customer service representative. Investigating breaches through floor walking, reports from Quality Analyst, active call barging. Reports generation for compliance levels. Underwent training for Coaching Service Quality. Assessing calls of associates based on aspects critical to Quality parameters, Compliance. Giving constant feedback and learning by experience. GE Medical Systems, Florida, USA. Was a part of the Transition team. Worked on CLARIFY ,where the agent identifies the problem at the out-set & offers technical assistance and routes the call to technical support on-site keeping in mind the type of equipment.June2000 to Sept2000. HR and Training: Helped in conducting interviews for recruitments. Worked on project for MEDI CLAIM.
  • PMO Support- Quality And Hiring - IT Services
  • HP e Global Services
  • From Oct-2006 to Nov-2008 - Bangalore
  • Responsibilities: PMO -Reporting for Quality and hiring KPI Metrics tracking development and deployment Bandwidth utilization and Business Continuity at resource level Standardize metrics trackers across all delivery teams Produce weekly/monthly Reports for Management and leadership at various levels. Team Member of ETP ? Efficiency Tracking Project Objective of the project: Develop a centralized tracking tool to data capture/ view. Single point of contact for Operations/Staffing and PMO to enable the hiring TAT (Turn around Time) and also No. of hires per month. Established a tracking system which would capture the entire candidate details and the interview rounds the candidate has been through with valid documentation/comments tracked at every stage of the interview. Undergone Green Belt Quality Training
  • Prject Manager Consulting - IT Services
  • Mahiti Infotech Pvt Ltd
  • From May-2010 to Jun-2011 - Bangalore
  • Responsibilities: Operations-Project Manager Lead the projects managers team(each Project Manager and handling a team of minimum 20 members) and do daily and weekly review of their work Implement industry best practices through project managers Facilitate project managers to innovate through processes and evolve them Monitor and improve project performance matrices Build capacities of project managers to handle projects
  • Founder-Director - Training
  • Lapel Image Consulting
  • From Oct-2014 to current - Bangalore
  • Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer-Free Lancer(current Engagement) Certified Image Consultant and soft skills trainer, have undergone meticulous and rigorous training at theĀ Image Consulting Business Institute, Bangalore.Trained under the curriculum of Image Specialist Judith Rasband (CEO & Director Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA), who is amongst the prestigious 10 Certified Image Masters in the world. Successfully conducted corporate training programs for business owners,employees from Media, Education and Consulting. My key areas of expertise include creating customer specific solutions, coaching abilities and bringing about an 'inside out' transformation. I have also coached individuals from various backgrounds to present themselves to the best of their ability.
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