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Hello! I am Kirti A certified Image Consultant trained at Image Consulting Business Institute, under the curriculum of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA and Soft skills Trainer under a course accredited by National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET). Well, I have had a dynamic trajectory as far as academics and corporate life is concerned before becoming an Image Consultant. To start with, a graduate in Zoology from Miranda House, University of Delhi to becoming a scholar in Marketing while pursuing Masters from IBS Hyderabad. Having more than 5 years of diversified work experience in Financial sector and holding senior positions with the leading groups such as HDFC and ICICI has given me all round exposure to the corporate culture. I've worked with every stratum of management from CEOs to young executives, which made me familiar with the typical challenges that professionals and companies face in their workplace. Being awarded as 'Employee of the Year' just after completing one year in the system did install the confidence of taking up various challenges in me. So much so that in the next year I was awarded an award for the 'Best project of the year'! To be honest with you, I am benefited beyond words with this zig zag education and career path of mine. When I retrospect, it has helped me immensely to mix comfortably with people of various personality types having different outlook towards life and am proud to say that I am a 'People person'. How I decided to make a big life change' Well, my corporate life was nothing less than perfect till a thought struck me. I realized that in today's competitive and complex world people hear with their eyes, so one needs to speak with their appearance! To achieve success, they need to look good, blend in yet stand out! Another area of focus is people skills along with technical knowledge and hard work. It came across to me as need of the hour to include 'soft skills' as the reliable weapon in one's arsenal to enhance the ability and productivity. I decided to be the change I wish to see and committed myself to assisting individuals and organizations to achieve their goals by making a powerful statement with the image that they project. Guiding individuals and corporate to create the best impression comes to me with joy and satisfaction. I've learned it's better to craft the way others are going to perceive you, rather than to sit back and hope it's going to be in a great way. My mission is 'to assist people, create authentic yet attractive image which is in harmony with their inner core values.' When I'm not working, I'm volunteering my time for social causes. When I am not volunteering, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I am blessed to have a rich life, full of experiences, people, positive emotions, and high energy! I'm a professional Image consultant and Soft skills Trainer for individuals, educational institutions & companies who place great importance in themselves and are enthusiastic about achieving greatness in their life. I know I'm not perfect'far from it. However, my commitment to you is 100%, to always bring you the very best of what I have and what I'm learning and to keep it real and raw as I go. I speak, I consult, I write and last but not the least' I Prepare People. Yes, that's what I love to do!


  • MBA - Marketing
  • IBS Hyderabad - From May-2010 to Mar-2012
  • Zoology (Honors) - Zoology
  • Miranda House (University of Delhi) - From Jul-2007 to Apr-2010

Work Experience

  • Product Manager - Product Team
  • HDFC Life
  • From Jun-2012 to Dec-2015 - Mumbai
  • Chief Manager - Product Advisory Group
  • ICICI Securities
  • From Dec-2015 to Jul-2016 - Mumbai
  • Senior Manager - Inclusive Banking Team
  • HDFC Bank
  • From Aug-2016 to Nov-2016 - Mumbai
  • Founder & Chief Image Consultant - Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training
  • TuaImagis
  • From Jan-2017 to current - Mumbai

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