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“Be a lifelong Student. The more you learn, the more you earn and more self confidence you will have “ -Brian Tracy A quote I can totally relate to as being a student once again after 25 years is an experience in itself. It all started with an ICBI advertisement which I came across in a Newspaper, looked interesting and something new. Actually, was thinking of it as an option for my 12th grader daughter. Though, the first time I attended the ICBI Orientation I knew, this is totally what I want to do. Always a People’s person and curious to learn about Human behaviour and Society, so much that I had graduated in Sociology. Curious to understand human behaviour from infancy led me into doing Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training and Child Psychology. Life has always been kind and learnt a lot in each phase of life as being a dutiful Daughter to a supportive Wife to a dedicated mother. As a Homemaker learnt all the Management Skills as we all know life is the best teacher. Stepping from my world as a homemaker, to striving hard to form my own identity, I enrolled into the ICBI Course with determination and the will to succeed. Today, completing the ICBI course has given me immense confidence and the wings to fly high to pursue my dreams. Understanding the needs of a homemaker is second nature to me. Therefore, a lot of programs are fine tuned to suit the needs of every homemaker, who wants to spend sometime on themselves, to learn new skills, to gain confidence in themselves and to present the finest version of themselves in front of the world. Whilst dealing with my children’s troubled teens, I realised the amount of pressure the kids today face and how moulding them into more confident young adults leads to happier, self -aware beings. Dealing with insecurities, and peer pressure is very common during the angst filled teenage years. Having someone to show you the right ways to present themselves, the way they dress, eat and even conduct themselves has a greater impact on the impressionable minds of teenagers. Moulding them towards a confident way of life with a little bit of guidance and a whole lot of love, drastically affects the way they view life. Each phase of life requires some amount of hand holding. From campus to corporate, corporate to marriage, everything requires that little extra care for yourself, to gain every opportunity and enjoy as many moments without being insecure. For someone entering their first job, it may sound daunting, however with the right interview training, corporate dressing and dining etiquette, it may make your life that much simpler and your first day, less daunting. For a bride to be, a few quick tips on makeup, skincare, occasion appropriate dressing and trousseau building leaves that much more time to enjoy her time with her family and this new phase of life without worrying too much and being the most confident version of herself. The ICBI course has made a lot more confident in myself, and makes me want to mould people into the best version of themselves, without too much effort and in the easiest ways possible.


  • Bachelor Of Arts - Sociology
  • Sophia College for Women - From Jun-1989 to Mar-1994
  • Diploma in Pre-School Education - Child Psychology
  • New Scope Teachers Training Institute - From Jun-1994 to Mar-1995
  • Image Consulting Program - Image Consulting
  • Image Consulting Business Institute - From Oct-2016 to Mar-2018
  • Professional Programme in Soft Skills Training - Soft Skills Training
  • Scottish Qualifications Authority - From Oct-2016 to May-2018


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