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I am a founder chair person of Image Marvel. I am a qualified image consultant, trained by ICBI ,as per the curriculum prescribed by JUDITH RASBAND the first lady of image consultancy. I am also a qualified medical doctor from Sawai Mansingh Medical College Jaipur Rajasthan. Having come from a medical background I have this opportunity to interact with so many people on daily basis. Since 20 years I have been treating and curing people from all segments of the society, however somewhere between sleepless nights during night duties, overwhelming waiting list and long awaiting lines of patients I got lost, I realized that I really had been a disease care expert focusing mainly on diagnosing and treating diseases, only to find the increase in the number of patients who are lacking in the youthfulness, spirit of joyfulness, enthusiasm and energy. This came as a shocking eye opener to me, and I changed my medical practice and since last 10 years I have been focusing mainly on helping and empowering people to become more proactive in protecting and regaining their health, to become their own nutritional experts, to nurture health eating habits and balanced life style, and developing the aptitude for real food People tell me that I listen to them attentively, and they are almost cured just visiting me. Lately a mother was tearfully thankful as to regain of the health of her child by my advice on the importance of nutrition and exercise. Now I am a dedicated and passionate 'Health care expert'. It was during this quest of holistic well being to individual that I came across this excellent image management concept from ICBI. It was a great chance to add one more dimension to the holistic wellness of an individual . Image consulting is a process of strengthening the overall image of an individual/ group. The process reflects and projects the strength of inner and outer image and also the potential of each person. It combines multiple elements to give harmony in the image, creating an alternative and unique set that blends the personal and professional style of each person. At "IMAGE MARVEL" we follow a holistic well being approach based on the solid foundation of vital, vibrant, healthy body, identifying the strengths to be accentuated and weakness to be minimized using the social, physical, artistic and personalized approach. This balance and harmony enable people to transform themselves into a catalyst for positive change for themselves and an inspiration to others, thus generating tremendous success and reward financially, socially and spiritually.


  • MBBS - Medical
  • SMS Medical College, Jaipur - From Sep-1983 to Dec-1988
  • Medical Doctor
  • PG Diploma in Hospital Administration - Hospital Management
  • MedVarsity On Line Limited, Hyderabad - From Feb-2011 to Feb-2012
  • Management of Hospital Activities
  • Certificate course in Medical Tourism
  • MedVarsity On Line Limited, Hyderabad - From Aug-2011 to Feb-2012
  • Certificate -Image Consulting Partner Programme - Soft Skills,Communication, body Language, etiquette, appearance, clothing etc.
  • Image Consulting & Business Institute, Mumbai - From Jul-2011 to Dec-2013
  • Management of Inner & Outer Image appropriate for the Roles & Goals authentic to the innerself in the most attractive & affordable manner

Work Experience

  • Sr Medical Officer - Medical Consultant
  • Medical & Health Services, Govt of Rajasthan
  • From Apr-1991 to Sep-2014 - Jaipur
  • Consultation for Treatment & Prevention of Diseases, Hospital Management, Coaching & Counselling (for last 24 Years)
  • Sr Medical Officer - Consultant
  • Malviya National Institute of Technology
  • From Oct-2014 to current - Jaipur
  • Consultation for Treatment & Prevention of Diseases, Nutritional & wellness promotion, Hospital Management, Periodic Inspection for hygienic requirements, Coaching & Counselling
  • Consultant
  • Bank Of Maharashtra, Jaipur
  • From Feb-2015 to Feb-2015 - Jaipur
  • Workshop on Power of Personal Appearance for Senior Officials

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