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Image consulting, as fancy as it sounds, it's is not just about external appearences. It is also about instilling a sense of style, brand recall, confidence and acceptance of who you are and bring out the strengths is a more presentable way to a global audience. Born to a father who ran a cosmetics manufacturing company and a mother who was a beautician I and my sisters grew up in a family that helped others groom their external appearances in a boom town Bangalore which was still to become the large cosmopolitan megapolis in a couple of decades from then. ( back in those days when I was still a toddler, Lalitaji, AP's creation was a legendary household name ) It was an amazing journey to find all the rationale behind our choices of the image we like to portray through our clothes, colors, jewelry etc. and formally qualified as an image consultant. I had the experts from the industry training me on various concepts. Very soon I learnt that image consulting is a need is various sectors. It can be creatively applied in various job roles. It is an overall, Internal and external, change that gives a person a new image which is authentic to him or her. From a house wife to the CEO of any multinational firm have expressed the need for Image consulting. Some for refining their exterior image, some for getting etiquette ready, some for understanding their own wardrobe, some for better shopping experience, some for communication skills, some for being more presentable, some for being a better public speaker and the list goes on. It is a step by step process which every individual goes through that makes it easier for them to transform. Each of this process is personalized to the individual's needs. It concentrates of understanding the individual personal style , life style etc. The process also concentrates on color analysis, bodyshape analysis, Wardrobe analysis etc. The process is then extended to train the individual on various communication aspects and Etiquette ready session. The whole process ends with an exclusive shopping session .. which ofcourse is always the most awaited one!! It indeed is an overwhelming experience to see people going through a change to bring out their best in themselves. It's even more joyous to know that I am a part of this change.


  • MBA - Human Resource
  • symbiosis education - From Feb-2009 to Feb-2011

Work Experience

  • Assistant Manager - Corporate Training
  • KPMG
  • From Sep-2014 to current - Bangalore
  • A versatile, result oriented Soft skills trainer with over 8 years of work experience. Demonstrated expertise in the fields of coaching, grooming, behavioral & motivational training & self improvement.

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