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Bhavya Chawla is a certified and trained image consultant and the founder of Perfect 10 Image Consultancy. Her passion for clothes took her towards fashion designing, for which she acquired the technical knowledge from Pearl Academy, New Delhi. She had been in the Fashion & Garment industry for over 10 years before pursuing a career in Image Consulting. Impelled by the strengths of Image consulting, which provides a holistic solution to an individual, she pursued to train as an Image Consultant from ICBI, Mumbai. She has also been certified by Image Management Professionals Association. She believes that as life happens, the roles and goals change and one finds themselves at various crossroads and puts their image management skills behind. The Image one projects and reflects is the Cause and the Impression we make on ourselves and the others is the Effect. No matter what your career is or how your social, personal life is; you are your business card. How you present yourself says a lot about who you are. It affects your credibility and so, your success levels.  Bhavya is of the opinion that each one must take advantage of the resources that each one has. Services that her company offers are personal image coaching, which helps people enhance their image on an individual level. She also assists in fashion & wedding styling for the individuals who would like appear very well put together for their big day. She has designed and coordinated the wedding clothes for some others, based on their personal color and body shape. Her goal is to guide, mentor and empower Individuals and Groups to enhance their Image Presentation and Communication Skills confidently, thereby creating a Perfect Impression.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) - Business Studies
  • SRCC, New Delhi - From Jul-1993 to Apr-1996
  • Fashion Design & Clothing Technology - Fashion Design
  • Pearl Academy of Commerce - From Jul-1994 to Apr-1995
  • Image Consulting Business Partner Program - Image Consulting
  • Image Consulting Business Institute - From Jul-2010 to Apr-2011
  • Luxury Brand Strategic Management - Luxury Brand Mgmt
  • IIM, Bangalore - From Dec-2013 to Dec-2013

Work Experience

  • Merchandiser
  • Mafatlal Industries
  • From Aug-1995 to Feb-1998 - Bangalore
  • Designer/Senior Merchandiser
  • Linmark Int'l
  • From Mar-1998 to Feb-1999 - Bangalore
  • Designer/Senior Merchandiser
  • Capital Mercury
  • From Feb-1999 to Mar-2001 - Bangalore
  • Founder/Designer
  • Al.lure
  • From Apr-2001 to Sep-2005 - Bangalore
  • Image Consultant - http://perfect10imageconsultancy.com/
  • Perfect 10 Image Consultancy
  • From Dec-2011 to current - Bangalore
  • Chief Stylist & member of Founding team - http://www.voonik.com/
  • Voonik
  • From Dec-2012 to current - Bangalore


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