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To be successful in any profession one needs to have a lot of confidence.a confidence that comes from self efficacy- a strong sense of belief in one's own abilities. Image consulting is all about infusing self confidence in a person - a conviction that, "you are good and you will be better the way you look feel and behave." Once a person learns the ripple effect of this self belief she can predict and manupilate how others respond .And unless an image consultant feels confident about herself she can not transfer it to her clients. I have had a blissful upbringing - my father being a very successful army man could give me the best chilhood any child could ask for. My mother a personification of style ,grace and etiquette taught me all the finesse a woman could be proud of. I have travelled and seen lands far and near. My career spanning over two scores and a seven added to my experience of life or I should more appropriately say....has added life to my years.My travels with my husband all over the globe have enhanced my perceptions of life and people. The amazement comes to me now as an Image consultant, when I can with genuine ease ,transfer this feeling of "trust me I know how it feels and how it can be sorted" helps me create an empathetic bond with my clients when we work on a solution to a problem. A compliment from my clients and the people whom I interact with, that I sound, look and behave confident but not boastful is a very humbling experience for me. Somewhere I feel I have done justice to my role as an Image consultant. Image consulting as a career has ,as if contained all my inherent and learned skills, refined them to be able to present myself as a confident and empathetic consultant every person can trust. After all, charisma is a concoction of effective presence in terms of one's appearance and credible warmth. I revel in every moment of success and appreciation and hence enrichment, with a humble pride that I will of course help you "rediscover yourself. "


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Jammu University - From -1986 to -1988
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Jammu University - From -1988 to -1989

Work Experience

  • Freelance Voice and Accent Trainer
  • MDeverywhere
  • From -2010 to current - Noida
  • Freelance Voice and Accent Trainer
  • From -2014 to current
  • Freelance Voice and Accent Trainer
  • Citi Bank
  • From Apr-2015 to current - Chennai
  • Freelance Voice and Accent Trainer
  • HDFC Bank
  • From Jun-2016 to current
  • Trainer
  • Image Consulting Business Institute
  • From -2015 to current
  • Etiquette and Lifestyle Columnist
  • Tribune
  • From -0 to -0 - Chandigarh

Awards and Achievements

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